RCMud Rate Reduction

2 years 2 months ago #14

Attached was the rate reduction motion that was made last September 2017. Board meeting, but, it was tabled until February 2018. All the backup information justifying the rate decrease was included in the September Board packet. However, it has been tabled for 8 months now. The motion was to reduce the water rate to $41/mo. minimum (from current $46) and reduce water ladder to $1.75/1000 gals and 2.75/1000 gals. (from the current $2.50 & $3.50/1000 gals).

Discussions were initiated 5 months ago for an $11,000+ consultant rate analysis. The rate analysis is still in the preliminary stages and has not progressed as proposed.

A rate reduction has been discussed by the Board since 2014/15.

Suppose, we need more input/demands from customers and maybe the PUCT.

I'm getting very tired of trying to push the issue for our Customers, with no help. This can has continued to be kicked down the road long enough.

RCMud has about $2.3M of cash which needs to be invested with some amount returned to the customers in the form of a rate reduction and/or rebates.

Any consideration and assistance on this matter would be appreciated.


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