The mission of the Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District (RCMUD) is to provide high quality, safe, regulatory compliant drinking water and environmentally sound sanitary sewer system in a highly reliable manner for customers of the Rayburn Country service area, at a competitive cost (rates, fees and taxes).


The vision of the Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District is to build a positive reputation among our customer base, Jasper and surrounding counties, and with the State of Texas. The RCMUD will work to continually improve in accomplishing its mission; track performance to monitor improvements; strive to upgrade equipment, facilities, operations, business practices, and organization, recognized as an exemplary municipal utility district. Operate in an open and transparent manner to comply with the Texas Open Meetings and Open Records provisions (see Texas Attorney General website) and in accordance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requirements and guidelines for MUDs (see TCEQ website).


The guiding value of the Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District is honesty and integrity in all things. Public safety, and safety of personnel, are the single top priority guided by the principle of looking out for self, fellow workers, contractors, customers, and the public. Safe drinking water one-hundred percent of the time as demonstrated through necessary monitoring controls and procedures – not assumptions. Protecting the environment and meeting or exceeding environmental regulations is mandatory. Provide timely and clear information for customers via the RCMUD website, the Annual Consumer Confidence Report, and other reports and communiques as needed. Provide superior customer service, always with a smile, and treat customers and one another with respect. Maintain an inclusive, non-discriminatory, non-harassing work environment. Strive to be efficient, effective and productive, producing high quality results, while enjoying the job. Meet or exceed all regulations. Maintain good relations with customers, Rayburn Country, County, State and Federal officials. Have systematic, well-documented work processes with well-documented records that are easily accessible. Communicate openly and honestly. Effectively use technology to do our jobs better. Training, along with well-documented procedure manuals and work practices, are valued and required. Look for opportunities to gain economies of scale. Be open to new concepts and be adaptable to change with our ever changing world. Expect all Board members and employees to contribute in meaningful and productive manner following the maxim to lead, follow, or get out of the way.