Attention Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District Customers: Beginning September 15, 2016 the Operations Staff will be adding additional chlorine to your drinking water. This process is done once or twice a year to remove the build-up of nitrogen on the walls of the water pipes. The nitrification inhibits the disinfection process. The process will go on for about a month.

Health effects – The additional chlorine will still be below the levels allowed under the Safe Drinking Water Act and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Drinking Water Standards will pose no health hazard.

Timing – Most of the process will be conducted during the night-time hours. During this time you may notice reduced water pressure, as the lines will be flushed simultaneously with the addition of the chlorine.

Smell – Since Rayburn Country MUD usually uses a combination of disinfectant products instead of just chlorine, you may notice a slight smell of chlorine. Again, the levels that you will encounter will be perfectly safe. Simply allowing the water to stand for a few minutes will allow the smell to dissipate.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the MUD Office in person or by phone at (409) 698-2523.

Tim Karczewski
General Manager