In order to help provide more information concerning the Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District Projects, this website will be updated on a more frequent basis.  Below are updates on the improvement projects currently underway:

Freshwater Supply and Sewage System Improvement Projects (Tax Bond Projects)

1.  Ozonation System – This is a key part of the fresh water supply system improvement effort.  Installation is complete.  The equipment providers are currently training District personnel.  Final testing and implementation of the system  is slated for June.  This new system is designed to improve the water quality for better clarity, taste, smell and health factors (i.e. less chlorine).

2.  Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade – Bids for construction will be opened on June 12, 2014.  Construction is targeted to start in late July, with construction anticipated to be completed within about 10 months, thereafter.  A complete new sewer treatment plant will be built adjacent to the old one. Subsequently, the old one will be fixed to act as a backup and spare capacity, thereby providing capacity for growth well into the future.

3.  Automated Reading System – Installation was completed December 2013 and fully operational January 2014.  This system is much more accurate and far less time consuming.  You may notice our truck in your neighborhood driving slowly on or around the 15th of every month.  They will be reading your water meter via new wireless computer technology.  The new meters are considerably more accurate than the old manual meters and readings are much simpler to accurately obtain.

4.  Lift Station Upgrade & Fire Hydrant Replacement - These projects are currently being engineered.

Revenue Bond Project – Paid for with monthly revenue.

  1. Replacement Water Well – Bids were opened on May 29, 2014 for a replacement well to be drilled adjacent to the Water Well # 2 on Sam Rayburn Parkway (RR 255).  The old well which is currently pumping at reduced capacity will be maintained in operable condition and used as required for backup.  We do not anticipate any major disruption on water during this project.

Note:  Water supply line leaks – Periodic water supply piping failures continue to occur due to the age and condition of some of the lines, combined with soil conditions and other construction activities.  Currently there are no plans for any major upgrades to the water supply piping.  Repairs, along with minor upgrades, are being done on an as needed basis.  The work crews repair these as quickly as possible, trying to keep any supply disruptions and boil water notices to a minimum.

If you have questions, please come by the office or call (409) 698-2523.

Thank you,
Board of Directors
Rayburn Country Municipal Utility District